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We are pleased to announce that Butane Industrial Group and Bosch Thermotechnology has signed a business contract.

With the signing of this agreement, Iran’s HVAC market will be expecting exciting days ahead…


Butane Industrial Group, with more than 63 years of industrial experience and service to Iranian customers, has signed a strategic agreement with Bosch. With this agreement, Butane is now the exclusive manufacturer, distributor and after sales service provider for all Residential Bosch Thermotechnology Products in Iran. Butane, with more than 1 1 million families as customer base, is the first and largest manufacturer of heating and water heating products in Iran.  This well-known brand, familiar to young and old Iranians alike, started its work with

gas appliances and gradually added various home appliances to its basket.  Customer satisfaction of Butane’s product quality is at such levels that, to this day and after 40 years, many Iranians have held onto their old Butane stoves.  With the advent of natural gas network expansion, Butane introduced the first gas water heaters followed by gas combi-boilers to the market. Today, with more than two decades of track record, Butane is considered the most sought-after brand in the

HVAC market of Iran.  In more recent years, with increasing volumes of export to Europe and Asia and after

breaking a record of 400 thousand units, Butane has become a well-known brand in  the European industry as well.

In line with its growth strategy, Butane has entered into this strategic agreement with Bosch in February. Looking at these two brands, many common themes stand out:

both companies believe in manufacturing modern products, respect for the environment and providing outstanding service to their customers. The similarities of these two brands are even more highlighted by the words of their corresponding founders. Butane’s founder is well known for reminding his employees: “The dust from the customer’s steps is the healer of our eyes”‘. And the most famous quote from Bosch’s founder is “I would rather lose money than trust”. It is interesting to note that Bosch first started working in Iran more than 93 years ago. From then on and gradually, Bosch continued with various activities in this market. In May 2016, Bosch established an office in Tehran and now with the signing of this agreement with Butane, it has renewed its serious commitment to the Iranian market. Bosch Group has more than 73 billion Euros of sales revenue, 390 thousand employees and is present in 150 countries in the world. The commitment of this group to modern technology can be easily identified by the allocation of 10% of its sales revenue and 59 thousand R&D engineers. These enormous resources are

dedicated to the task of shaping a safer, more economical, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly life for all people. Bosch Thermotechnology, one of the divisions of Robert Bosch Group is the international leader in the areas of residential heating and water heating, cooling and energy management. Bosch Thermotechnology has more than 14.5 thousand employees and with 3.3 billion Euros is present all over the world. The commitment of this division to environment takes shape in the form of designing modem products with low energy consumption.  Furthermore, the strategic partnership of these two strong brands, has positive outcomes for the national interest and industry, job creation for young Iranian talents

being an important one of them.  This cooperation would be the start of a new chapter, bringing about more comfort and convenience to Iranian customers – a reliable choice for all.